Thousand Hills Cattle Company Uncured Beef Sticks
I picked these up today at Fresh & Natural Foods in Hudson, WI. I needed a quick snack- and these were sooo good that I had to write about them right away! 

I got the “Minnesota Spice” variety (there was also “Original” available). These were $3-something, not on sale, which I thought was a great price.  They are made from 100% grass-fed beef, and are uncured so they don’t contain added nitrates or nitrites. One beef stick (0.8 oz.) contains 60 calories, 4 g protein, and no carbs. 

Also important: they taste awesome! If you like a good beef stick/beef jerky, you will like these a lot. And the “Minnesota Spice” wasn’t hot-spicy at all, just a pleasant mellow spice blend; the only thing I could actually discern was just a hint of garlic. The texture was soft and easy to chew and they were not over-salty.  They are gluten-free and the ingredient list is short and pleasing. I ate two sticks and that satisfied me just fine. Highly recommended. 


03/01/2012 16:48

Hi Crystal! I just saw your posting on thousand hills beef and I just wanted to also let you in on some amazing beef that goes through thousand hills and is ALSO local... Out to Pasture Beef.. The site explains it all.. It's BEYOND organic- 100% grassfed with excellent marbling of angus raised on open pastures free of all antibiotics,chemicals,pesticides, etc.etc. located right outside Fall Creek, WI. It's good to know where your beef comes from! Take care!

Erin Price

Dr. Schmidt
03/30/2012 08:21

Thanks for the tip Erin, I love it! Local, organic, grass-fed...doesn't get any better!

03/01/2012 18:40

Awesome to hear!!! My parents farm is going to become one of the family farms supplying Thousand Hills!!! STOKED!


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